Summer Photo Collages

“We are all artists, painting our lives upon the canvas of reality. Mix the colors your own way and apply emotion liberally. Don’t be afraid to let your brush strokes show, and about all else, make sure your art has a soul.” ~Christen Rodgers

Summer is coming to its end. This year it was unusually late here in Finland yet it seems it`s turning to autumn in a normal time – that makes this summer a very short, just a brief breath we had a chance to enjoy ♥ I don`t think I never get used to it …i will always long for a longer summer although I love that we have all four seasons to enjoy 🙂

I made a collage from my photos this summer as I did last summer and below you can see both of them. I see that my style hasn`t really changed – only colors were warmer in last summers college. This spring I bought a better camera and can I see a slight change in quality – that makes a great proof that it`s really not the equipment that makes great photos.

I have a totally new photo adventure going on in my life. It started from the desire inside of me that has not leave me alone – pop in to my mind every now and then over a year now! Yet I believe that there`s a right time for everything and there`s no need to rush the flow… I hope I can show you something new this autumn or should I say something that brings together everything I love: beauty, stories, creativity, harmonic colors, femininity and style in a form photography ♥

Wishing you a great Friday and relaxing weekend!


Photo Collage Summer 2017



Photo Collage Summer 2016


“Your every inhale is like the whisper of a pen over paper. Your every smile is a splash of color on a canvas, and each endeavor is like a spin of the potter’s wheel. You are an artist and your life is your art.” ~Christen Rodgers

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