You Need To Believe Yourself Completely

There`s a big difference between confidence and self-esteem. You can be very confident about a particular matter but overall have a low self-esteem.

Confidence grows from knowing you are good at something – maybe you are a very good with some artistic skills. You’ve studied that particular case so much that you know it inside out and you have strong confidence over that topic.

But in overall, you can fail with your business and live a happy life if you don`t believe yourself completely. Low self-esteem will be the shadow over your great skill and it can prevent you to bring it to this world – everyone to see and you to enjoy!

Having a good self-esteem brings you happiness and balance in every area of life; relationships, work, hobbies etc. vs having confidence concentrates to a targeted particular matter.

Your self-image has formed during your childhood and life experiences. The way closest people lived, treated you, knew how to show love and saw the world when you were a child – affected deeply who you believe you are today.

But know this; any of that doesn’t have to be true – your truth. As an adult, you can choose who you are and who you want to be and not be defined according to the vision of life that the people around you had when you were a child.

I want warmly invite you to borrow my beloved motto I’ve had many years: “It`s Not Personal “ – to help you get past some hard times you come across during your life.

When people treat you wrong – it`s not personal – it`s in them – not in you.

When your children whine or give you a hard time – it`s not personal – children are only just learning many skills in life, like self-control and before they learn those things they keep showing all of their emotions and wants and it`s not personal. Your job is to be a good example in those situations for them and not to take it personally.

Use that phrase when ever you need to step away from taking things personally and putting yourself down that way.

What one thing you could do TODAY to make your relationship with yourself stronger?

Write it on the paper and yet better, share your wisdom in the comments for others to read! We all need to improve ourselves, always   I would love to hear your thoughts.

Wishing you a great weekend ♥


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