Hi, I`m Hannele Hyyppä

I live north in Finland on a countryside with my three children and man. I`m a photographer, enjoying my life through creativity. I create styled stock photos designed for women entrepreneurs who want to create that WOW effect to their customers with visual content.

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All my photos are created with 100% love and passion –  inspired by strong women of our time – like Maya Angelou who is one of my favorite women to learn about life and creativity, gorgeous flowers and beautiful tones and calming colors – oh, just everything beautiful and soulful…

I’m always book in my hands, thrive for a slow living, self-improvement and to feed my creativity. I`m passionate entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience.

I`m madly in love with the creative lifestyle. I’ve always been curious about every aspect of it – where it comes from and why creative people often experience life more deeply, wildly and why their path contains more ups and downs.  I do not think that creative life can be fully tamed.  It’s always a little bit unpredictable,  and something beyond ordinary … I call it a “creative kind of mess”.  Making your living as a creative entrepreneur can be an amazing journey! I think that life is just too short and precious to be wasted not living the way we truly desire.